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the cookers
Gallery code: 20150717thecookers
the cookers
17/7/2015 Arese jazz
Arese Arese
The CookersBilly HarperDan WeissDonald HarrisonEddie Henderson
Cecil McBeeDanny GrissettBilly HartBilly HarperDan Weiss
The CookersCecil McBeeDonald HarrisonDonald HarrisonEddie Henderson
Billy HartDanny GrissettBilly HarperDan WeissCecil McBee
Eddie HendersonBilly HartDanny GrissettBilly HarperDan Weiss
Cecil McBeeEddie HendersonBilly HartDanny GrissettDonald Harrison
Donald Harrison    
Billy Harper - sax tenore Donald Harrison - sax alto Eddie Henderson e Dan Weiss - tromba Danny Grissett - pianoforte Cecil McBee – basso Billy Hart - batteria